Frequently Asked Questions

In choosing our name we selected Union to represents the United States and Blast to means the dissemination of political news. Basically, we chose the best domain name available that was easy to remember and fit our perspective.

Union Blast scours the internet for conservative political news and presents it in an easily digestible format to allow users to quickly stay abreast of political events and happenings. 

Portions of Union Blast are cultivated from human-edited political news outlets, while predominant portions are a conservative media-monitoring algorithm organized for experienced political news consumers.

No, currently Union Blast does not write political news stories. 

Union Blast is a conservative political news aggregator. We gather and display stories from multiple news organizations that are intended to provide conservative points of view. Our coverage is primarily focused on the United States.

Our impression is that the news media, in general, is predominantly left-leaning and is already easily available elsewhere. Our mission with Union Blast is to provide a site for people who identify with right-leaning viewpoints and are seeking political news without a liberal or progressive perspectives.

Union Blast features conservative news outlets only. We reserve the right to add or subtract political news outlets in our sole discretion. If you have suggestions for an outlet to feature on our website let us know here.

Union Blast is not owned, affiliated, or associated with any political party, or with any candidate, or with any government foreign or domestic. The political news gathered and displayed are not necessarily the views of Union Blast.

Union Blast has a right-leaning political news bias.

No, Union Blast does not tolerate any form of hate speech and does not expressly aggregate hate speech. If there is a story you consider to contain hate speech, bring it to our attention for consideration of removal from our site. 

We however, do not believe that speech others may disagree with is necessarily hate speech. The term hate speech many times is used to silence opposing views.

Yes, Union Blast is accessible on mobile devices via mobile browsers. Currently we do not offer a mobile app for Android or IOS.

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