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In choosing our name, we selected Union to represent the United States and Blast with the intent to disseminate political news and information.

Union Blast is a free service that scours the internet for suitable and reliable conservative political news content. We present this news in an easily readable format to let users quickly stay abreast of political events and happenings in one place.

Portions of Union Blast are human edited and curated from various political news sources. A significant amount results from a media-monitoring algorithm targeting US conservative political news.

Additionally, Union Blast offers a place for users to freely express themselves without fear of being shadowbanned, doxed, or canceled. This area is titled "Discuss."

When users click news links from our website, they will be taken off-site to other websites not associated with Union Blast.

Please consider donating if you'd like to support our efforts to protect your right to free speech.

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Union Blast does not currently write political news stories. However, we voice and share opinions in various website sections, primarily in the Discuss and opinion section.

Union Blast is a conservative political news aggregator. We gather and display stories from multiple news organizations around the web to provide conservative points of view. Our coverage is primarily focused on the United States.

Our perspective is the news media in the United States is predominantly left-leaning and is readily available elsewhere. Our mission with Union Blast is to provide conservative political news and information from around the web for people interested in conservative viewpoints and seeking political news without a liberal or progressive slant.

Union Blast features conservative news outlets. We reserve the right to add or subtract political news outlets at our sole discretion.

We welcome suggestions for news outlets you'd like us to feature on our website. To do so, sign in with social media or email and post your suggestion.

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The "Like" buttons under each curated video and publisher show how many likes appear on Facebook. This indicates how popular a video or publisher is on Facebook. If there are zero likes, it could mean that the content has been banned or removed from Facebook. 

Union Blast is not owned, affiliated, or associated with any political party, candidate, or government, foreign or domestic. The political news gathered and displayed are not necessarily the views of Union Blast and its owners.

Further, Union Blast or its owners have not and do not receive money from any political party, campaign, politician, special interest groups, other political action groups, or government entities.

Union Blast has a conservative political news focus, meaning we display conservative political news sources.

Union Blast does not moderate speech. However, we do not allow user comments that promote or incite violence.

See terms of use for more information.

Yes, Union Blast has a mobile app. However, our app does not require downloading from Apple Store or Google Play.

Instead, navigate to our website at https://unionblast.com on your mobile device.

At the bottom of the page, there is a Download App notice. Click the install button to download our app.

Our app icon will appear on your mobile device's home screen, providing access to our app without using your browser.

Note: Our app can also be downloaded to your desktop similarly.

Generally, our app and website do not require you to log in to use our services. Reading our content does not need an account, and a login is not required. You must create an account if you want to participate in the comments or post content in our discussion area.

To create an account, you can use your Google, Facebook, Twitter credentials, or email information to gain access.

Do you have a news source (feed) suggestion or link you'd like us to include on our website? Let us know here. Sign in with social media or email. Your info is confidential.

Feed Suggestions

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If you want to reach us, our website has a chat feature where you can leave us a private message. The chat feature is located in the Discuss section of our website. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Sign in with social media or email. Your info is confidential. After signing in, click the gray chat button to initiate a chat at the top of the page. For desktop, the chat button is top right. For mobile, the chat button is top left. Enter member name "Union Blast" and type your message.

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