The Patriarchy Smashed?

Read More(Steven Hayward) Yesterday’s jobs report—145,000 new jobs—is only so-so, but there are two more interesting features of the labor market right now. The first is that wages are rising fastest at the bottom end of the income scale, suggesting that sustained economic growth is better than redistribution or minimum wage mandates for lifting the […]

Pete Buttigieg as healer of the nation? Don’t make me laugh.

Read More(Paul Mirengoff) Rep. Anthony Brown of Maryland has endorsed Pete Buttigieg for president. Who is Anthony Brown? His biggest claim to fame is that he managed to lose a race for governor of Maryland to a Republican, something many of us thought was nearly impossible to do. Brown is important for Buttigieg’s purposes, though, […]

House passes meaningless, unwise resolution on use of force against Iran

Read More(Paul Mirengoff) Yesterday, the House passed a resolution designed to prevent President Trump from taking additional military action against Iran without specific congressional authorization. The resolution calls on the president “to terminate the use of United States Armed Forces to engage in hostilities in or against Iran” unless Congress declares war or enacts “specific […]

Pete Buttigieg, Sane Democrat?

Read More(John Hinderaker) “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg has been touted as a favorite in the “sane lane” of the Democratic presidential chase, but there is good reason to question whether any such lane exists. Earlier today, Buttigieg blamed Iran’s shooting down a Ukrainian passenger airplane on…President Trump: Iran allegedly shoots down a commercial airliner, and Pete […]

Trump wins in court on border wall

Read More(Paul Mirengoff) Last month, a federal district court judge issued an injunction against using $3.6 billion dollars of Pentagon funds to construct more border wall. Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in a very brief opinion, reversed that decision and lifted the injunction. No one should be surprised to learn […]

Trump pins some blame on Obama for missile attack. Should he have?

Read More(Paul Mirengoff) During his address to the nation this morning about the situation with Iran, President Trump said the ballistic missiles that targeted two U.S. air bases in Iraq were paid for using “funds made available by the last administration.” This assertion enraged Democrats and their media allies such as the Washington Post. Is […]

Trump speaks [updated with text]

Read More(Scott Johnson) President Trump just concluded his formal statement on last night’s attack by Iran on the two bases in Iraq. He opened his statement with the vow that Iran will never acquire nuclear weapons on his watch and observed: “Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties […]

Hot Air on Energy

Read More(Steven Hayward) Ask a climatista who is the leader in climate action in Europe and you’re likely to get a word salad about Germany’s energiewende (“energy revolution”), which has seen the Fourth Reich spend something like $1 trillion Euros on “green” energy over the last 25 years. Worth mentioning in passing that when I […]

Elizabeth Warren’s baseless “wag the dog” accusation

Read More(Paul Mirengoff) There have been plenty of misguided takes on President Trump’s decision to kill Gen. Soleimani. Elizabeth Warren’s is perhaps the most egregious. Warren claims that Trump hit Soleimani to distract America from his impeachment. She states: We know Donald Trump is very upset about this upcoming impeachment trial. But look what he’s […]

The Washington Post — message board for the Deep State

Read More(Paul Mirengoff) At Power Line, we sometimes refer to the Washington Post as an adjunct of the Democratic Party. To an even greater degree, the Post is an adjunct of official Washington — the cadre of career bureaucrats and former officials who consider it their God given right to set policy, regardless of what […]