Judge Rosemary Collyer’s reprimand of intelligence over FISA abuse

WASHINGTON, DC: FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer issued a scathing attack on the FBI and DOJ in the wake of Michael Horowitz IG report. The report detailed 17 instances in the Carter Page FISA warrant process where the FBI hid exculpatory evidence. Lied to the FISA court. And consistently failed to meet legal standards […]

President Trump’s hoax Impeachment full of “Unimpeachable Teachables”

WASHINGTON: Wednesday, the Democratically-controlled US House of Representatives voted to remove President Donald J. Trump from office. Their meager indictment includes the undefined charges of “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress.” And thus, the impeachment controversy, simmering since the moment the president took his oath of office in January of 2017, culminated in a […]

Trump nails Pelosi, House Democrats in scorching 6-page letter. (Full text)

WASHINGTON – On the eve of the House of Representatives’ likely party-line vote to impeach President Trump, the President responded. In response, he fired off a slashing, 6-page rebuttal letter. This massive missive, in which Trump nails Pelosi, effectively rebutted the Democrats’ sham case for impeachment in no uncertain terms. Trump’s letter details the Presidents’  concerns. […]

For Christmas, America wants Democrats’ hands off their Republic

WASHINGTON:  Democrats like to crow about their Constitutional knowledge. They spent hours channeling the founders knowing what they meant and how they would apply that knowledge to today’s Impeachment proceedings.  However the one founding father we should be remembering is Benjamin Franklin.  Franklin who warned one American that those founders created a Republic – if […]

Horowitz report, roadmap for Durham, destroys Comey’s FBI

WASHINGTON, DC: James Comey made a remarkable about-face on Fox News Sunday today when he confessed that “I was wrong,  he was right” to the findings of the Inspector General report on repeated and systemic FISA abuse in the Carter Page FISA warrants.  Just Monday, on the day the Inspector General Horowitz’s report came out, […]

Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Nikki Haley is targeted by the self-righteous tolerant

WASHINGTON: The tolerant, coexist-bumper-sticker set have found their latest victim.  Nikki Haley stated in a recent interview that people in South Carolina see the Confederate flag as service, sacrifice, and heritage.  That statement started mouths foaming, condescension flowing and noses upturning. Haley was the first ethnic minority and the first woman to hold the governor’s […]

Jeff Bacon: Navy Oceanographer, cartoonist, Broadside creator and military morale booster

WASHINGTON: In an exclusive interview with Communities Digital News (CDN), Captain, U.S. Navy, (retired) Jeff Bacon recounts his remarkable service as an Oceanographer as well as the genesis of his craft as a cartoonist and creator of the “Broadside” and “Greenside” series. COMMUNITIES DIGITAL NEWS: Captain Bacon, we appreciate this opportunity to interview you. Jeff […]

President Donald J. Trump – Winning the trade war!

WASHINGTON: While campaigning for president, Donald Trump said that he would fix every one of the lopsided trade agreements that the US had with trading partners worldwide. America winning the trade war with worldwide trading partners like China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, and Canada quickly becoming a priority. After being sworn into office and examing […]

America will strike the last word on Impeachment, have the last say in 2020

WASHINGTON:  There have simply been too many hours of Schiff’s Intelligence Committee, followed by Nadler’s Judiciary Committee hearings. It’s more than the holidays that have us crying stop. By all that is good and holy in life, stop. It has been a circular argument, peppered with strike the last word, that just goes round and […]

William Barr’s words: Obama and Brennan were spying on Trump

WASHINGTON, DC: Attorney General William Barr is expanding at length about the FBI’s illegal spying on Donald Trump. All coordinated with the senior echelons of the Obama Administration. In a landmark interview with NBC News, Barr goes on at length about the criminal activities surrounding the Russia Hoax. Calling the investigation and the spying on […]