Illinois Lawmakers Divert Money Intended To Facilitate FOIDs

Read More When people talk about requiring a license for gun purchases, they don’t really understand why we object so vehemently. After all, we have to have licenses to drive cars or get married, so what’s the problem? Of course, we on this side of the debate know better.]]

Colorado’s “Red Flag” Gun Seizure Law Now In Effect

Read More It’s been causing controversy for months in Colorado, and now the state’s “red flag” law, or Extreme Risk Protection Order, is officially in effect. Beginning on January 1st, law enforcement and family members can petition a judge to issue an order requiring the surrender of all]]

When Satire Hits Way Too Close To Home

Read More For years, I was a huge fan of the satire site, The Onion. I loved how they would make these ridiculous stories that touched on the issues of the day but ultimately mocked them. I found myself digging deeper into the current state of the former]]

Update: Four Dead, Including Shooter, In Attack At Pensacola Naval Base

AP Photo/Melissa Nelson, File We’re learning more details about the shooting that took place at Naval Air Station Pensacola this morning, and unfortunately the news isn’t good. The number of individuals killed in the attack has climbed to three, with authorities reporting that two of the victims were killed at the naval base itself, and […]

Couple Buys Baby Shower Gift, Finds AR Inside Instead

Babies are only babies for a short time. As a result, you can often get almost brand new stuff, if not brand new, on the second-hand market. As a result, it’s not unusual for people to make a run for the local Goodwill when they need a baby shower gift. However, a Florida gift turned […]

NSSF: Nearly 18-Million Modern Sporting Rifles In Private Hands

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is out with some new facts and figures on firearm production, and there are some fascinating data points that demonstrate Americans aren’t interested in giving up their right to keep and bear arms any time soon. The industry trade group reports that there are now more than 420-million firearms in […]

Seven More Sanctuary Communities In Virginia After Monday Meetings

The Second Amendment Sanctuary surge is continuing in Virginia. I’ll have a big write up later today on what I saw in Louisa County Monday evening, where supervisors voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that opposes any new gun control laws in the state. The county was one of at least seven different communities […]

Gun Control Shaping Up As Key Issue In San Diego City Attorney’s Race

Recently, the city of San Deigo passed a mandatory storage law. The measure was pushed for by the city attorney, someone who isn’t elected to advance legislation. Instead, they’re supposed to vet proposed laws and make sure they comply with any state or federal statutes. That’s not to say someone in that role can’t have […]