Tom Steyer accuses Trump of ‘torturing’ children and committing ‘crimes against humanity’

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Presidential candidate Tom Steyer accused President Donald Trump of “torturing” children and committing “crimes against humanity” in his latest campaign invective.

The California billionaire made the incendiary comments while appearing on C-SPAN Tuesday.

“He’s not opposed to immigration, he’s opposed to immigration by non-white people,” claimed Steyer.

“And under those rules he has enflamed his supporters. He’s committed crimes under international law, but he has also tortured children and he has committed crimes against humanity,” he continued.

He did not explain what he considered to be child torture, but he could have been referring to the family separation policies that have expanded under Trump and led to some children being detained apart from their parents.

Steyer said he would end Trump’s policies to limit immigration and return to many of the immigration policies of former President Barack Obama, including the amnesty program known as DACA. He added that he would legalize million of illegal aliens already in the US, and provide them with a pathway to citizenship.

“And we should stop this extremely racist rhetoric and attitude and realize that we’re a very diverse country and that is fantastic,” he concluded.

A poll released on Thursday showed the long shot candidate only garnering 2 percent support in the key early primary state of Iowa.

Here’s the video of his comments:

[H/T: Washington Examiner]

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