Warren explanation for Ed Buck endorsement mistake belied by email

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Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign says alleged serial predator Ed Buck landed on a list of people endorsing her for president because it was compiled by an outside group of Obama campaign and administration alumni. But an email obtained by the Washington Examiner shows otherwise.

On Thursday, the Washington Examiner reported that one of the Obama alumni who supports the Massachusetts senator’s White House run is Buck. The 65-year-old was charged in September for multiple crimes related to the drugging and deaths of gay black men in Los Angeles, California.

A spokesman for Warren initially told the Washington Examiner that Buck’s name appeared on the list because of a “google [sic] doc by some Obama alums and they caught some non-staff that populated the list but obviously the missed one.” The spokesman said Buck’s name was being removed.

But a Dec. 12 email obtained by the Washington Examiner shows Warren’s South Carolina deputy state director, Christina Cue, asking various Obama alumni to sign up for the list.


The email reads: “I wanted to reach out to you to join the Obama Alumni for Warren group. Please click here if you’re ready to pledge your support to Dream Big and Fight Hard with Sen. Warren.”

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