It’s not just the stock market that is rallying while Democrats seek to impeach President Donald Trump.

So is support for the president and his economic policies.

Forty-nine percent of Americans approve of the president’s handling of the economy, according to the latest CNBC “All-American” survey. Only 40 percent disapprove.

That is a dramatic improvement from September, when disapproval of Trump’s economic policies hit 50 percent and approval fell to 42 percent. The September poll took place just as Democrats were launching their early impeachment inquiries and recession fears crescendoed following the inversion of the yield curve.

Trump’s overall approval rating has also improved over the last three months. Back in September, 53 percent disapproved of his presidency overall and just 37 percent approved. Now his approval rating has climbed to 40 percent and disapproval fell to 49 percent.

Americans are divided on impeachment. Forty-four percent said they approve of impeachment and 45 percent say they disapprove. Of course, politics is playing a huge role in these numbers. 78 percent of Democrats say they approve of impeachment, with just 12 percent disapproving. Only 11 percent of Republicans approve of impeachment, with 83 percent opposed.

Independents are split but leaning against impeachment. Only 41 percent say they approve, while 46 percent say they disapprove.


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