Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Nikki Haley is targeted by the self-righteous tolerant

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WASHINGTON: The tolerant, coexist-bumper-sticker set have found their latest victim.  Nikki Haley stated in a recent interview that people in South Carolina see the Confederate flag as service, sacrifice, and heritage.  That statement started mouths foaming, condescension flowing and noses upturning.

Haley was the first ethnic minority and the first woman to hold the governor’s office in The Palmetto State.  During her governorship, she was successful in removing the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds.

Haley stated shortly after the removal that the flag

“[The flag] should have never been there. These grounds are a place that everybody should feel a part of. What I realized now more than ever is people were driving by and felt hurt and pain. No one should feel pain.”

The self-righteous who, in addition to being poor in history, has the attention span of a Chihuahua.  It’s no wonder Haley’s effort at the flag removal is a lost piece of knowledge.  High brow brain cells are likely already packed with the proper terms for all 57 genders, the procedure to effectively bludgeon someone who steps into a safe space to discuss freedom of speech and which shades of orange are impeachable.

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While the haughty claim to own tolerance, it’s not hard to imagine one beating you with a bull horn in between singing verses of “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles.

Of course, it’d be their own version:

Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.
There’s nothing you can do that can’t be fought.
Whatever you propose it must be stopped.
Nothing you can say ’cause we know how to play the game.
It’s queasy.
Nothing you can make that can’t be lost.
No one you can sway that can’t be bought.
No more pro-nouns he or she, no more masculinity.
It’s queasy.
All you need is love.  (On the left now)
All you need is love.
Love is all you need.
Love is all you need.

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