Adam Schiff , a modern day Benedict Arnold seeking America’s destruction

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WASHINGTON: In 1780, Benedict Arnold was a general in the American army while fighting a war for independence with Great Britain. Arnold was given command of West Point, which was an American Fort on the Hudson River. Many years later, Adam Schiff has command of the House Intelligence Committee and the divisive actions being taken to unseat an elected President. Nullifying the votes of those Americans that voted for him.

Benedict Arnold became a traitor to America then, as Adam Schiff is now. The parallels are striking.

Arnold contacted Sir Henry Clinton, who was the head of British forces, telling Clinton that, in return for a large sum of money, purported to be 20,000 English pounds, he would hand over West Point and all of his soldiers to the British.

Adam Schiff and Democrats suffering from Failure to Launch syndrome

That would help England win the war and maintain control over the US, even though the US citizens voted for independence with the leaders they elected.

On September 21, 1780, Arnold met with British Major John Andre to make this treasonous pact official. The conspiracy was, however, uncovered by the Americans. Andre was captured and eventually executed as Arnold escaped to England.

Prior to Arnold’s treasonous act, he was a skillful leader and a brave soldier.

In 1775 he helped Ethan Allen’s troops capture Fort Ticonderoga and participated in the attack on British Quebec. He was however passed over for a promotion at least five times, leading to his disgruntlement. In addition after his second marriage, he was deeply in debt.

Adam Schiff was a patriot.

Adam Schiff is a ten-term Congressman from California after serving as an assistant US attorney in Los Angeles. He represents the 29th District which is mainly composed of affluent and solidly Democratic constituents. Elected in 2000, Schiff was able to defeat Republican Jim Rogan by leveraging the Clinton impeachment for his gain.

He was heavily funded by people in the entertainment industry.

Early in his career, he was viewed as a patriot. Schiff voted for the 2002 authorization for use of force in Iraq and voted for the Patriot Act. At the time he was considered one of the moderates known as Blue Dog Democrats.

While it is known that Schiff has higher political ambitions until recently he was viewed more like a government official who would put the needs of the country above all other needs. Then after the 2008 election when very liberal Barack Obama was elected president, Schiff seemed to change.

Schiff, protector of Dems big Russia secret, whistleblower Eric Ciaramella

He adopted the party view of curing perceived social injustices with bigger government, higher taxes, and more regulation.

As the Obama administration pushed those views, Schiff became more dedicated to moving the party’s agenda forward. Eventually, he, like the rest of the Democratic Party placed the needs of the party above the needs of the country. This position has become even more obvious as we watch the Trump impeachment inquiry proceed.

The biased media supports Schiff’s claims.

Regardless of all the noise and slanted assessments by biased political reporters, there really is no impeachable offense. In fact, there were never any impeachable offenses, in spite of the less than truthful statements Schiff has made. And in spite of the numerous investigations.

Adam Schiff, as was the case with most Democrats, simply never accepted that their candidate lost the presidential election in 2016. Literally from the day after the election Democrats have been discussing the various ways they can move to impeach President Trump.

Adam Schiff supported the selection of a special counsel to investigate Trump for collusion with the Russians. Then it was for obstruction of justice. Schiff even said he had seen clear evidence of collusion.

The reality was that there was no evidence of any collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Adam Schiff also said there was clear evidence that Trump obstructed justice. That too turned out to be less than truthful. Then Schiff said Trump was guilty of campaign finance violations. That too turned out to be false.

The Democrats impeachment farce against the untouchable Mr. Trump

And now Adam Schiff is in charge of an impeachment inquiry. While any unbiased observer would conclude that Trump did not commit any impeachable offenses, Schiff tries to spin Trump’s actions as something worthy of impeachment.

In the end that will prove untrue too.

What happened to Adam Schiff?

He is obviously very well educated and very intelligent. At the end of the hearings this week, he told us that he was far superior and able to understand Trump’s crimes beyond the ability of us mere mortals.

Yet he has let his disdain for Trump cloud his objectivity. He simply wants Trump out of office as soon as possible. Even though there will be an election in less than a year, Schiff is presiding over a complete farce, trying to twist words and offer an unbelievable analysis of prior events.

Schiff has put his personal needs above the needs of the country.

Trump was duly elected to be president. It was the will of the American people. Only someone who places personal needs above the needs of the country would behave as Schiff is behaving.

Benedict Arnold placed his personal needs above the needs of the country in an attempt to subvert the will of the people who had elected leaders to represent them.

Isn’t that what Adam Schiff is doing?

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