What desserts are you serving this Thanksgiving day?

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Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Stella has a post on desserts up and I’m looking forward to finding some new favorites. Help us out and don’t forget to share them over there for her people too.

Stella’s Place

Several years ago I passed on the job of preparing Thanksgiving desserts (meaning pie) to my daughter and her sons. She told me that this year they are making a traditional pumpkin pie, sour cream apple pie, and my younger grandson is making some kind of chocolate pie (chocolate cream?)

imageWhen my mother was with us for Thanksgiving, we had to have jello. Her reasoning was that everyone was too full after dinner to have pie, but there was enough room for jello. She prepared it in some really pretty amber-colored sherbet glasses, and topped them with whipped cream. I’m afraid that the jello has gone by the wayside in my house!

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