Reporters photograph Trump’s impeachment notes: ‘I want no quid pro quo’

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President Trump jotted down a few talking points about impeachment that were photographed when he met with reporters on Tuesday morning.

Using a massive sharpie, Trump detailed a few points he wanted to drive home with reporters while Ambassador Gordon Sondland spoke at the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearing. On a sheet of Air Force One paper, Trump wrote, “I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelinsky to do the right thing. This is the final word from the pres[ident] of the U.S.”

In Sondland’s opening statement, he was the first witness to explain that he saw a “potential quid pro quo” between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over promised military aid. When Trump was face to face with reporters, he read out parts of Sondland’s testimony and read off his notes as his response.

Trump, 73, has a history of having his notes photographed by reporters during press gaggles. The president has made it a habit to meet with reporters directly rather than having his press secretary take questions. Press secretary Stephanie Grisham has yet to give a briefing from the White House.

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