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Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts was informed that there are not enough votes to reduce the state's abortion ban from 20 weeks to 12. [...]

‘Why would you put something in someone's body that's targeting the brain for an inflammatory reaction? That's insanity,’ said Dr. Jeff Matheson. ‘They're trying to… [...]

Danielle Smith, Travis Toews, and Brian Jean all gave pro-life statements. [...]

How Congressional Candidate Hung Cao Salvaged John F. Kennedy Jr.’s Plane

Prior to running for Congress, Hung Cao salvaged planes around the world, including JFK Jr.’s, as part the Navy’s Special Operations unit.  [...]

How to Prosecute Donald Trump

A criminal case against an ex-president must be simple, clear, and damning. It must also avoid novel legal theories and any whiff of selective prosecution. [...]

IRS Deletes Job Posting Seeking Applicants Willing to ‘Use Deadly Force’

The deletion came amid renewed scrutiny of the IRS in response to a Democrat-backed spending bill that would double the size of the agency. [...]

Eric Trump: ‘Coordinated Attack On All Fronts’ Against President Trump

President Trump addresses supporters during a “Save America” rally at York Family Farms in Cullman, Alabama. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Daniel Baldwin –OAN White… [...]

Biden signs protocols supporting Finland, Sweden NATO membership

President Joe Biden shakes hands with Karin Olofsdotter, Sweden’s ambassador to the U.S.,after signing the Instruments of Ratification for the Accession Protocols to the North… [...]

US inflation up 8.5% in July year-over-year, yet Biden claims it’s at 0%

President Joe Biden listens as he meets virtually with infant formula manufacturers from the South Court Auditorium on the White House complex in Washington, Wednesday,… [...]

Scientists from China and Singapore recently announced the detection of a novel animal-derived virus known as Langya henipavirus (LayV) in at least 35 humans across… [...]

A prestigious, formerly all-girls school in a wealthy suburb outside Nashville, Tennessee, has announced that they will be accepting boys who are transgender and identify… [...]

A refugee from Ukraine with a prior drunk driving conviction was acquitted by a New Hampshire jury on all charges of negligent homicide for the… [...]

Project Veritas Confronts Murkowski on Her Secret Support For Ranked Choice Voting (VIDEO)

Project Veritas confronted RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski on her support for ranked choice voting. Project Veritas on Wednesday released video of Senator Lisa Murkowski campaign… [...]

UPDATE: Eric Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Security Cameras Captured FBI Agents Behaving Improperly

President Trump’s home was raided on Monday by Joe Biden and his lawless regime. BREAKING: PRESIDENT TRUMP’S MAR-A-LAGO HOME RAIDED BY JOE BIDEN’S FBI —… [...]

Anne Heche Under Investigation For Felony DUI After Crashing Into Los Angeles Home

Anne Heche photographed morning of crash with (vodka?) in cup holder Emmy-winning actress Anne Heche is now under investigation for felony DUI after crashing into… [...]

The Justice Department has to respond to motions to unseal a warrant that triggered the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, according… [...]

Former Vice President Mike Pence condemned the FBI for “continued partisanship” after agents waged an unannounced search of his former boss’s Florida home. Former President… [...]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that the United States would not allow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to isolate Taiwan from the world and… [...]

Biden: Putin ‘Wanted the Findalization of NATO, But He’s Getting the NATOization of Finland’

Vice President Kamala Harris (L) looks on as US President Joe Biden holds up a pen to Ambassador Mikko Hautala, of the Republic of Finland,… [...]

Biden Privileges Gays Over Kids

Monkeypox. (Getty Images) On August 4, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra declared monkeypox a national public health emergency. This decision was not based… [...]

Gov. Abbott Buses Illegals to D.C.: Washington ‘Finally Understands What Texans Experience Daily

New York City's Democratic Mayor Eric Adams. (Getty Images) NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) has criticized Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbot for sending busloads of… [...]

'The board can't...begin each of its meetings with a non-inclusionary act' [...]

'We've even gone to visit her in D.C. and she's stood up meetings' [...]

87,000 New IRS Agents Will Join Union That Gives 100% of PAC Funds to Democrats

Democrats just doubled the size of a major Democratic war chest. [...]

IRS Hiring Spree Is The Biggest Expansion Of The Police State In American History

Democrats are targeting the American taxpayer. [...]

20 Things The Feds Probably Planted In The Boxes They Took From Trump’s House

We don't know what the FBI found at Trump's domicile, but here are 20 best guesses as to what they might have planted. [...]

As we've noted, the fondest fantasy of MSNBC's bombastic weekend host Tiffany Cross is to have Donald Trump arrested, Cops-style. If by chance Cross was… [...]

On Wednesday night’s CBS Evening News, fill-in anchor Margaret Brennan and correspondent Nancy Chen bemoaned the fact that Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is taking… [...]

A strange intersection of narratives occurred on Wednesday morning’s At This Hour, when CNN host Kate Bolduan and new co-host of The View Alyssa Farah… [...]

American Bar Association Scraps Controversial Diversity Proposal After Blowback

The American Bar Association on Monday axed a proposal to require law schools to "diversify" their student bodies after more than a year of warnings… [...]

NIMBC: This Journalist Wants To Keep Riffraff Out of Her Ritzy DC Neighborhood

Yet another NBC journalist is fighting to prevent the unwashed masses from befouling the sanctity of their ritzy Washington, D.C., neighborhood. Longtime host Andrea Mitchell… [...]

Biden: No Guns for Weed Smokers

The Biden administration is defending a federal ban on gun-ownership for medical marijuana users, urging a federal judge to dismiss a challenge to the statute.… [...]

It is time to dust off the strategic maps of the early 1950s and place them on the walls of Pentagon and State Department offices.  [...]

In an America run by corrupt political dynasties, what happens to the Trump family could happen to you. [...]

Our health care system is on life support, afflicted by the diseases of greed, incompetence, immorality, selfishness, politicization, and loss of good sense and ethics.  [...]

North Korea reportedly is discussing sending workers and soldiers to Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine in exchange for shipments of industrial equipment and energy supplies. Any… [...]

Tax audits for middle-class Americans would skyrocket with final passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, predicts a congressman who focuses on the federal budget and… [...]

‘Hard to Imagine’: Tulsi Gabbard Calls Mar-a-Lago Raid ‘Blatant Abuse of Power’

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii criticized the Department of Justice, calling the Monday raid on Mar-a-Lago a “blatant abuse of power” during a… [...]

Veteran Hollywood actress Jane Fonda donated to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's campaign for at least the fifth time on Tuesday with a $1,000 check to the "Squad" leader's campaign. [...]

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is calling Texas Gov. Greg Abbott an "anti-American governor" on Wednesday as the pair continued to feud over the busing of migrants. [...]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended bringing her son on a recent congressional junket to Taiwan and other Asian countries during a press conference Wednesday. [...]


RT @newsmax: RUDY GIULIANI: "We've done nothing about the FBI, and for three years, they've been acting like the state police rather than t…


RT @newsmax: Democrat lawyers suggest FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago could prevent the 45th POTUS from holding any political office in the…


RT @jimstinson: FBI agents rifled through Melania Trump's wardrobe: Fox News.


RT @tomselliott: [email protected] Director Wray, last week: "I have communicated consistently since I started as director that our folks need to make…


RT @JudicialWatch: "The criminal leak, illegal protests, and threats didn’t work: Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett h…


RT @LouDobbs: The raid at Mar-a-Lago shows that the DOJ & FBI have been weaponized against President Trump and anyone who supports him, say…


RT @HeshmatAlavi: #Iran says the Khayyam satellite — which they paid Russia $40 million to build and launch (🤦‍♀️🤦🤦‍♂️) — is not intended f…



RT @RedState: Hump Day 'Toon: The FBI Donkey Has Blinders On


RT @DavidJHarrisJr: Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Scott Perry, a good friend to the 45th president, had his cell phone seized by FBI agents…

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'Licensed Professional Counselor and Sex Therapist' describes pedophiles as a 'marginalized' and 'vilified' group, prefers the term 'minor-attracted persons'

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