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Disingenuous accounting does not change the fact that the U.S. is the main underwriter of this war. The post Yes, America Is the Biggest Military [...]

Did any of Trump’s would-be, feminine lieutenants get the breakout moment they were searching for at CPAC? The post All the VP Ladies appeared first [...]

Just how desperate are the Democrats to get Biden off the ballot? The post Michelle Obama: September Savior or ‘Suicide Mission’? appeared first on The [...]

Ex-FBI Informant Smirnov, Indicted over Biden Bribery Allegations, to Sit in Jail While Awaiting Trial

Prosecutors argued that he should be detained because of his ties to Russian intelligence, his $6 million of available funds, and his U.S.-Israeli citizenship. [...]

West Virginia Warns Six Firms of Potential Boycott over ESG Investing Policies

Treasurer Riley Moore alerted the financial institutions of their potential inclusion on the state’s restricted list. [...]

Hunter Biden Believes Staying Sober Is Key to Father’s Reelection Bid

The younger Biden was interviewed by Axios ahead of his closed-door congressional testimony on Wednesday. [...]

Top Senate Aide Under Microscope For Unofficial Military Aid, Travels To Ukraine

by Micaela Burrow at CDN - A top Senate aide intimately involved with supporting U.S. military aid to Ukraine is under investigation for frequent unofficial [...]

Koch-Funded Group Will No Longer Spend To Back Nikki Haley’s Campaign

by Arjun Singh at CDN - The Koch family-backed group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action will no longer spend money to support the campaign of [...]

Biden Barely Edging Out Trump Among Key Democratic Voting Bloc

by Robert Schmad at CDN - Former President Donald Trump appears to have cut deep into President Joe Biden’s lead among voters under the age [...]

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Source,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) reacted to President Joe Biden’s announcement that he hopes for a ceasefire between Israel [...]

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” host Anderson Cooper stated that the “horrifying” facts of the death of Laken Hope Riley on the campus of the [...]

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) stated that while the death of Laken Riley “is tragic and it’s [...]

Sharyl Attkisson Points Out How the Media’s Mistakes About Trump Always Go in Only One Direction (VIDEO)

The American media has always leaned decidedly left but the Trump years truly ripped off their mask. The post Sharyl Attkisson Points Out How the [...]

Army Veteran Explains Why the U.S. Military is Struggling to Find New Recruits

It has been widely reported that the U.S. The post Army Veteran Explains Why the U.S. Military is Struggling to Find New Recruits appeared first [...]

Watch: Longtime Sportscaster Goes on Unhinged Anti-Trump Rant, Calls Followers a ‘Toxic Cult’ Live on CNN

For decades, American sports fans welcomed Bob Costas into their homes with open arms as he offered thoughtful commentary and analysis in regard to sports. [...]

Brickbat: Don't Go Yet

San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Dean Preston has proposed an ordinance that would require supermarkets to provide at least six months' notice before closing [...]

Supreme Court Seems Likely to Strike Down Florida and Texas Social Media Laws

The laws violate the First Amendment because they require social media sites to abjure most content moderation, and platform speech they disapprove of. [...]

What's on your mind? [...]

Grandson Suggests Fox News, Trump, 'Ramped Up' His Grandfather, Who's Accused of Shooting Wrong-Door Teenager

84-year-old Andrew Lester appeared in a Missouri courtroom Wednesday to face charges stemming from the shooting of a black teenager who mistakenly knocked on his [...]

Media Won't Report That Renewable Energy Subsidies Dwarf Fossil Fuel Subsidies

(Getty Images) On April 11, The New York Times ran an article titled, “Why Are Taxpayers Propping Up the Fossil Fuel Industry?” in which the [...]

The Left's Favorite Lie: Widespread White-On-Black Violence

(Getty Images) This week, a 16-year-old boy named Ralph Yarl -- black -- accidentally rang the doorbell of an 84-year-old white man, Andrew Lester. According [...]

Gallup Poll: Biden’s Border Invasion Is Americans’ No. 1 Worry

Voters are clearly blaming President Joe Biden and his band of leftists for the invasion the nation has endured over the past three years.  [...]

If This Is ‘Christian Nationalism,’ Sign Me Up!

A very brief inquiry into MSNBC's theory of the natural rights of man [...]

Historically High Food Prices Will Only Worsen If A Democrat Wins The White House

Food will become even more unaffordable if a Democrat wins the White House this November, due to destructive climate policies, a report warns. [...]

Earlier this month, three Metro D.C. police officers were shot in the line of duty, as they were serving a warrant on charges of animal [...]

Last week, we reported on the evening news’ spotty reporting of the campaign to persuade Michigan Democrats to vote for “Uncommitted” in tomorrow’s primary, in [...]

NBC Meet the Press host Kristen Welker surprised us by asking California Gov. Gavin Newsom in which week abortion could be limited. He tried to [...]

WHITEWATER, Wis.—The migrants began to trickle into Whitewater, a sleepy town of 15,000 an hour west of Milwaukee, toward the end of 2021. The post [...]

During a Jan. 5 interview with socialist podcast Revolutionary Left Radio, Islamic scholar Mohamed Abdou declared his support for Hamas and "the resistance." The terror [...]

An Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Murdered a Georgia Student. You Wouldn’t Know It From the Media Coverage.

An illegal alien who was free in the United States due to liberal Democratic immigration policies was charged on Friday for the brutal murder of [...]

Religions of death have always had their pagan priests and priestesses. [...]

 Your land could any time cease to be yours at the federal government’s will. [...]

There are lots of dirty little secrets about the in vitro fertilization (IVF) business that they really don’t want to tell you amidst the smiling [...]

Can states prohibit social media companies from censoring the speech of their platforms’ users? That’s a question now before the Supreme Court.  The justices heard... [...]

The Supreme Court on Monday heard hours of argument in two free-speech cases, Moody v. NetChoice and NetChoice v. Paxton. NetChoice, an industry group representing... [...]

The Uniparty Is Only a Few Steps Away From Gutting the US Dollar

America’s political establishment has less respect for the U.S. dollar than our foreign adversaries. That was made clear when Tucker Carlson recently interviewed the Russian strongman President... [...]

A recall attempt against Governor Gavin Newsom was defeated back in 2021, but his detractors are not giving up just yet. [...]

A New Mexico judge has scheduled a trial date for actor Alec Baldwin on an involuntary manslaughter charge, which sparked from the 2021 fatal shooting on the set of the Western-themed film Rust. [...]

After lower courts delivered conflicting rulings, the Supreme Court heard two issues on Monday that are related to contentious laws imposing social media limits in Texas and Florida. [...]


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President Biden’s open border policies directly led to the murder of a Georgia nursing student. The president has blood on […] [...]

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